Can NMN resist the threat of radiation? NMN allows everyone to scientifically resist radiation!

Since August 24, Japan decided to discharge nuclear radiation sewage into the sea. It has aroused concerns and heated discussions around the world, and the radiation problem has become the focus of people’s attention. NMN

The discharged radioactive substances may include radioactive iodine, radioactive cesium, radioactive hydrogen, etc. Among them, radioactive cesium and radioactive iodine are the two most common radioactive substances in normal operation and accidents of nuclear power plants.

The radioactivity of these materials can have impacts on the environment and human health, especially for marine ecosystems and human fisheries, with possible long-term effects.

Nuclear radiation is an invisible and intangible substance that can cause great harm to the human body.

Nuclear radiation mainly causes damage to human DNA and cells through the release of three high-energy particles, α, β, and γ.

These particles can pass through human cells and destroy the double helix structure of DNA,

causing serious consequences such as gene mutation and cell death.

Long-term exposure to nuclear radiation will increase the risk of cancer, reproductive system damage, and decreased immunity.

Long-term exposure to radiation will cause damage to the DNA in our cells. When this damage continues to accumulate in the body, irreversible aging will occur. This is also the case for people who often look at mobile phones. The eyes are always more aging than other parts of the body. Fast reason. And in our current life, we are exposed to the radiation of various electronic products and electrical appliances all the time! Studies have shown that NMN can enhance the body’s resistance to radiation and has a positive effect on preventing radiation-induced diseases.

NMN powder

NMN may improve radiation damage

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide NMN achieves the anti-radiation effect by improving the resistance of human cells to radiation.

nmn a key substance for cell vitality in the human body. It can effectively increase the content of NAD+ in cells. NAD+ is a key cell protection molecule that can resist radiation damage to cells.

The anti-radiation effect of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide mainly realized by enhancing the DNA repair ability in cells and reducing cell death.

NMN can enhance the human immune system and alleviate immune system suppression caused by radiation.

NMN powder

And the award of the iTech competition held by NASA. NASA therefore uses NMN as a solution for astronauts to resist radiation and repair DNA.

Since an astronaut has to live in space for a long time, his risk of cancer is very high, so there must be a very effective method against radiation. NAD+ precursor NMN can directly repair DNA damage caused by radiation exposure or aging, so NASA also chooses NAD+ precursor NMN for astronauts’ radiation resistance. Radiation is not only a problem faced by astronauts, many foreign practitioners related to radiation will actively supplement NMN to resist aging, for example, laboratory work, related scientific researchers with radiation risks, pilots, flight attendants,

and frequent travel trapeze , Outdoor workers who are often exposed to the sun.

NMN wins NASA award for repairing cosmic ray damage to astronauts’ DNA

NASA 2016 itech Top10 NMN called β-nicotinamide mononucleotide, which the precursor of the cofactor NAD+ of human protein.
Based on the repair ability of NMN,

NASA uses it to protect astronauts from cosmic ray damage and musculoskeletal loss caused by long-term floating state.

In addition, the research report of the Chinese National Academy of Sciences also pointed out that NMN can enhance the body’s resistance to radiation and has a positive effect on preventing radiation-induced diseases.

NMN is a key cellular repair substance that protects DNA from radiation damage. The main mechanism of action is that NMN can stimulate the expression of Sirtuins gene family,

thereby repairing damaged DNA and inhibiting cell apoptosis. In addition, NMN can also enhance the antioxidant capacity of cells and reduce the damage of radiation to cells.

NMN enhances the ability of cells to metabolize and repair DNA by increasing the NAD+ content in human cells. And NAD+ is a key cell protection substance, which has a significant effect on anti-aging and improving immunity.

Facing the threat of radiation, NMN provides us with a strong line of defense.