What is the usage and dosage of glutathione for whitening? Whitening needle

Glutathione Whitening

Usage and dosage of glutathione for whitening

Regarding glutathione whitening, it is an increasingly popular skincare technique that can effectively improve uneven skin tone on the face.

The principle of glutathione whitening is to improve uneven skin tone on the face by reducing pigment deposition and achieving even skin tone.

Firstly, users can purchase glutathione whitening agents at hospitals or medical beauty institutions.

L-Glutathione Reduced
L-Glutathione Reduced

Usually, the dosage of glutathione whitening agent is 1-2 times per week, with each use ranging from 0.3ml-1ml, depending on the customer’s skin condition and needs.

Glutathione whitening agents can generally penetrate from the surface of the skin to the dermis layer. Of course, each person’s skin condition and dosage are different, so it is best to choose the most suitable dosage after evaluation by a professional.

Before using glutathione whitening agent, the face should be cleaned first. Apply glutathione whitening agent directly and evenly to the area, avoid contact with eyes and lips as much as possible, and thoroughly clean with clean water.

Glutathione whitening injection is a simple, safe, and effective skincare method, but it is still necessary to choose the appropriate dosage according to each person’s skin color situation to achieve the best effect.

Therefore, when using glutathione whitening agents, it is important to consult professional professionals and provide timely care to avoid unexpected situations.

How many days can glutathione whitening needles last?

Whitening needles are a daily skincare method often used to reduce dark spots on the skin.

It can help restore healthy radiance and color to the skin, making it look younger and effectively improving the pigmentation caused by melanin deposition in the skin.


However, the question is, how long can whitening needles maintain their effectiveness?

How long can glutathione whitening needles maintain their effectiveness?

The answer is: it depends on the specific ingredients of the whitening needle.

Generally speaking, whitening needles contain antioxidant components such as salicylic acid, vitamin C, and spirulina, which can inhibit the formation of melanin, reduce pigment deposition, and make the skin look fairer.

The effects of these antioxidant ingredients can generally last for 3-6 months, but it also depends on the frequency and method of use of whitening needles, as well as the skin’s response.

The safety of whitening needles

Although whitening needles can have a whitening effect, they are also a stimulating skincare product, so safety needs to be ensured before use.

Firstly, before using a whitening needle, check your skin condition. If you have any allergic symptoms, it should not be used.

Secondly, it is important to choose legitimate skincare products and avoid using imitations to avoid affecting the skin.

Finally, after using whitening needles, it is important to strengthen daily skincare, use moisturizing and anti-aging skincare products, consume foods rich in vitamin C, replenish moisture in a timely manner, and strengthen sun protection to prolong the effectiveness of whitening needles.

How to adjust the whitening effect internally

  • Sleep: It is important to ensure sufficient sleep time to improve pigmentation and prevent the formation of dark spots and spots on the skin. Poor sleep can cause sagging and aging of the skin.
  • Food: Healthy whitening starts with diet. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A and C, as well as seafood and soy products, can reduce cholesterol intake and antioxidants, which can help whiten the skin.
  • Supplement: When necessary, supplementing vitamins can help improve skin pigmentation. For those who are undergoing whitening and internal adjustment, it is necessary to consume more nutrients such as vitamin C, E, and K.
  • Skincare: Use appropriate skincare products according to your skin type, do not overuse skincare products, and use plant-based skincare products more to avoid oily and inflamed skin.
  • Sunscreen: To protect the skin from sun damage, especially from morning to evening, it is best to use high magnification sunscreen to protect the skin, which can effectively prevent the skin from turning black and white due to exposure to sunlight.
  • Moderate exercise: Regular and moderate exercise, such as walking, jogging, etc., helps with skin circulation, helps the skin eliminate waste from the body, promotes metabolism, and effectively improves skin condition.

Summary: The core of whitening and internal regulation lies in sleep, diet, supplementation, skincare, and sun protection. In addition, it is important to pay attention to appropriate exercise and establish healthy lifestyle habits in order to maintain a fair and radiant skin.