With glutathione whitening, 90% of people may be using the wrong!


When it comes to whitening, glutathione is mentioned many times.

It can fundamentally inhibit or reduce melanin, and prevent melanin precipitation, inhibit spot generation, and then lighten the skin and fade the stain.

Therefore, we can see it in whitening needles and many big brand whitening skin care products.

But although glutathione is good, how to make up is also particular, look at the following 3 common misunderstandings you are not?

Don’t go wrong with glutathione

Glutathione actually exists in the body in two forms: reduced glutathione and oxidized glutathione.

If you compare the two types:

Whether it is the ability to clear free radicals, inhibit tyrosinase ability, or achieve whitening effect, it can be said that reduced glutathione is the all-round winner.

So obviously, if you want to whiten, using reducing glutathione is the right solution, did you choose the right one?

Don’t take your glutathione whitening shots

Some people who want to turn white quickly in the short term will choose to get whitening needles.

As everyone knows, China has never approved a “whitening needle” drug, nor has it approved any injection for whitening.

Private injection, in addition to potential adverse drug reactions, improper operation may also lead to infectious diseases, local infections, hand rot and so on, it not recommended this way of whitening.

Don’t be foolish about taking glutathione

Traditional oral administration should also be the way most people choose to supplement glutathione.

But I can only say that this kind of supplement is like taking a broken sieve to fill with nutrients, and there is very little left in the end.

After the destruction of gastrointestinal digestive fluid, GSH may lose more than 90%, which is really a pure loneliness.

It is safer than whitening needles and better than oral absorption!

Neither this nor that, how exactly to supplement glutathione better?

There’s actually one product that can save you a lot of homework: GSH lozenges.

It adds more than 43% of pure reduced GSH,

about 65mg in each product, which is 2-3 times the current ordinary internal whitening products! The price/performance ratio is stable.

In order to promote absorption and really make up the whitening ingredients, lozenges are also full of effort:

① Escort ingredients safely to the body

The patented freeze-dried flash release technology of lozenges ensures that the active ingredients can reach the human body “safely” :

In ultra-low temperature environment, the activity and stability of active ingredients maximized.

The oral form allows the product to absorbed into the blood through the oral mucosa without the damage of the stomach and intestines, and the absorption rate is 9 times that of traditional ingestion.

② Compress macromolecules from “ping-pong balls” into “small pills”

Using liposomal embedding technology, GSH molecules broken into smaller nanoparticles (think “ping pong balls” compressed into “little pills”), so that it can silky absorbed like an intravenous injection.