It would be wonderful to keep NMN replenished in the market

Dr. Huberman said

Dr. Huberman said it would be wonderful to keep NMN replenished in the market

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In Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, Dr. Huberman, a professor at Stanford University, said those who want to mitigate the ban on NMN should write to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

NMN was originally considered a supplement by the FDA, but it has been banned from sale as a supplement due to the actions of Metro Biotech International.

Dr. Huberman said the ban could be lifted if many letters are sent to the FDA asking for it to be lifted.

As a guest of the Joe Rogan Experience Stanford professor Dr. Andrew Huberman discussed everything NMN (Transcript posted on Raise NAD+) with podcast host Joe Rogan. During their conversation, Rogan questioned the FDA’s ban on NMN.

He explained that a company called Metro International Biotechnology (MIB) was testing an experimental drug – a slight variant of NMN – in a clinical trial. The problem is that if a compound is tested as a drug, the FDA does not allow it to be sold as a supplement. As a result, there has been some controversy surrounding whether testing of the MIB began before or after NMN was first marketed as a supplement.

Harvard Professor Dr. David Sinclair, a former guest of JRE, is co-founder and chair of the MIB Scientific Advisory Board.

Sinclair also helped popularize NMN by none other than JRE. For these and other reasons, many suspect that the MIB coerced the FDA into banning NMN. In turn, if NMN becomes a prescription drug, MIB will be patented.

As a result, MIB will have the exclusive legal right to sell NMN, which could lead to extreme price increases.

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Something similar happened a few years ago with a compound called NAC (n-acetylcysteine). NAC initially banned, but Huberman explained that the FDA decided to keep NAC on the market because so many people wrote to the FDA.

The letter explained that since NAC already sold as a supplement, it could not suddenly pulled from the shelves. It could similar to someone having their medication suddenly taken away.

Huberman said, “If people interested in certain compounds that left on the market, they should definitely write to the FDA.

FDA – When things happen on a large scale, they listen. I’m sure I’ll write. I think keeping NMN on the market as a supplement would be very good for many people who want to take it.”

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